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Vendsmith Locker Machine

Vendsmith Locker Machine

RM 4,900.00

This locker machine is suitable to be used to sell food that is ''ready to eat''. Such as nasi lemak, fried noodles, fruits and so on Has many sizes according to customer requirements Attached with a vending machine to create space read more
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Vendsmith 10c combo

Vendsmith 10c combo

RM 12,800.00

Suitable to place food such as canned water, boxed water, biscuits, crackers, maggi and so on according to the needs of consumers. Has 60 slot / 6 tray. Can use banknotes, coins and cashless systems Low electricity consumption. The large 22-inch screen is ideal for advertising space Color:White/ Black Stainless Steel Keyboard Demention: (H) 1933 mm (W) 1269mm (D) 795mm Weight : 285 kg Capacity: 300-1050pcs ( according to product size) Cooling system,4-25C (adjustable) with bill acceptor´╝îcoin acceptor & cashless payment only read more
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Vendsmith 10g combo
Vendsmith s800 combo
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